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So the cream arrived yesterday and we have started treatment, as usual Seren is not happy about having cream applied.  But other than that early signs are promising.  We didn’t manage any photos at the start of treatment but these were taken a few days ago

DSC_0325 DSC_0320 DSC_0307

These don’t really give much of an idea of how sore her skin was at this point, and how awful her scalp smelt from the weeping sores on her head, but needless to say by this point we were all pretty desperate for some relief.

Pictures taken today, after 5 applications of Dr A’s cream and a bath (with soap!)

DSC_0307 DSC_0309 DSC_0310 DSC_0313

We now have everything crossed that this continues.

So I could probably win an award for being the worlds worst blogger, both in terms of how I write and the frequency that I do it.

Anyway an update,  my initial surgery was in March and went well, except I got an infection in my jaw which needed further surgery in May.  Now everything is ok-ish, and I have an appointment with the oral reconstruction team in October, on the anniversary of my first appointment with the max-fac team.

My main reason for re-activating this blog though is to record Seren’s progress with a new treatment. When I last posted about her eczema someone message my with a link to this doctor in South Africa  Over the past few months I’ve kept coming back to his website an looking up information on him.  Like everything on the web, I’ve wondered is it some sort of scam, or a quack, but everything I’ve found has led me to think he is genuine and gets good results for children with eczema that isn’t responding well.  We were hoping to hold off on treatment until the half term holidays but Seren’s skin is again deteriorating with the onset of Autumn so we are starting tomorrow.  Contacting Dr Aron was scary, we are putting our faith in the hands of a man we have never met, but everything we have read suggests that he can help us, and the treatments he uses are all conventional medicines, just used in a slightly different way.

So watch this space and hopefully updates will be slightly more frequent over the coming weeks.