On the jaw front there is no news. The pain has settled down quite a lot, although I’m sure it is still growing, and now extends onto the tongue side of my jaw as well as the cheek side. I will chase the operation date after New Year and hopefully won’t have to wait too much longer.

The current major medical issue is Seren’s eczema, which is currently flaring up quite badly. it started when she was about 10 weeks old, and at 4 years and almost 6 months is showing no signs of leaving us.


This was taken earlier in the year but she currently is in a similar state. At the minute she is scratching her head so badly she is starting to lose her hair in patches.

It feels like we have tried everything to try and get on top of this, but every time it feels like we are making progress we end up back at square one. It is doubly frustrating that she has eczema as she is the one that I few myself until she was 13 months old, I have to tell myself that maybe if I hadn’t her issues would be worse.

As anyone who knows Seren will know she is a tough little girl, very outgoing and feisty, so when she is screaming at us in the middle of the night to make the itchy stop it breaks our hearts. I don’t know what the next treatment will be, if any, we keep being told that most children with eczema outgrow it by the time they are 7, so until then we might just have to continue with steroids and emolients. We try and keep positive but hte next three years could be a very long wait.